Expert Electrical Advice 

Assisting With All Of Your Lighting, Security & Home Automation Needs 

Habitat Group

Experts In Electrical

Habitat Group is a specialist electrical consultation provider with 12 years experience in the residential electrical and building arena.

When building with Enso Homes each of our clients is provided with a 2.5 hour electrical consultation with an experienced electrical consultant from Habitat Group.

Habitat Group provide a number of services which keeps you from having to undergo the daunting and confusing task of dealing with multiple electrical experts. Everything you need to ensure your layout is perfect can be done in your consultation, from concept walk throughs to drafting the plans, they have it covered so you don’t have to worry about it

The Benefits

  • During the consultation process you’ll be face to face with an expert consultant
  • Your input is encouraged, so you can get exactly the result you want
  • They cover everything you need to know and have plenty of resources if you want to learn more
  • They also provide fibre optic services