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Buying a house and land package from the big builders can be frustrating sometimes because you’re often forced into their set designs. Worse yet, having to take whatever blocks are left in their development too (whether you like it or not).


W ith Enso Homes, we deliver dream homes and the perfect block to suit, anywhere in Geelong, Torquay & Bellarine.

We’re all about delivering what YOU want for your new home, giving you all the benefits of a turn-key package without the restrictions the big builders might put on you.

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Geelong House and Land Packages

When you’ve made the decision to buy a brand new home, it’s important to choose house builders who are not only going to do a good job, but builders who are going to make the whole process easy from start to finish. While many people opt to purchase a property from the traditional big development companies, there is another way to buy your new home, and that’s from a boutique new home builders in Geelong, such as Enso Homes. With over 15 years’ experience in residential construction, we’ve got the expertise and the skills needed to not only build top quality new homes, but to offer you some of the best house and land packages Geelong has available for home purchasers.

We know that you’re likely to take many factors into account when buying a new home. There’s not only the issue of location, but of the specifications of the property itself plus, of course, the price. While you may, in the past, have been put off by the thought of buying from a boutique builder, thinking that it’s going to be something that you can’t afford; we’re here to show you that it can actually be a very cost effective option.

Not only will you get the option to have a property customised to your exact specifications, but you can choose from a great selection of plots, giving you the chance to take advantage of some of the finest house and land packages Geelong based builders have on their books. No longer do you have to choose from designs that don’t quite meet your needs, or end up with a plot that faces the ‘wrong way’; as is often the case when you buy off plan from a traditional developer. Want a bigger kitchen? No problem. You’d like a guest bedroom downstairs? No problem. Whatever your needs and wants, choosing to buy a custom-built house from Enso Homes means that you’ll get exactly what you want.

One of the biggest problems house purchasers face when buying a brand new property is the delays that often arise on big projects. When you choose to buy a property through us, we’ll give you a guarantee that we’ll finish on time, or we’ll give you $5,000 in cash*. Our current timelines are based on 30 weeks for a one-storey property and 34 weeks for two storeys so, as you can see, we aim to get you in your new home well within the timescales normally quoted by the ‘big builders’. We are your premium luxury home builders in Geelong.

To find out more about the house and land Geelong based builders, Enso Homes, has available, get in touch with us now, either by completing our contact form or by calling 1300 800 500.

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Limited Site Starts Per Annum

We know that the hardest part of building a new home isn’t choosing the colours, layout and the finishes, it’s wondering if quality assurance is a part of the price.

W e have made the decision to stay small and offer only a limited number of site starts per annum in building areas that we know well.

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