Quality assurance - Enso Homes

Making quality a priority

Not only do we have a Site Supervisor completing industry standard quality assessments on all of our builds, we have also taken the initiative to engage Manse Group, an independent 3rd party to conduct thorough quality assurance inspections. This commitment ensures that your home is of the highest quality.

Independent quality assurance

Manse Group is an independent building consultancy firm dedicated to making builds better. Their expertise reduces discrepancies, delays and variation exposure to maintain the common goal; a successful project. Together we ensure each stage of construction is in accordance with Building Code of Australia, Victorian Building Authority’s Guide to Standards and Tolerances and relevant Australian Standards. Rest assured your project will be independently reviewed, to ensure quality and minimise the risk of variation exposure.

Frame and pre-plaster

We engage Manse Group to complete inspections at Frame and Pre-plaster stages of our builds. These inspections ensure quality control on site and give peace of mind to our clients. Manse Group’s inspections check that contractor workmanship is of an acceptable level and ensure that items which could delay future trades or impact the project financially, are closed out. Their inspections highlight items that are not covered by the mandatory checks by the Building Surveyor.