Can I Build My Own House Plans With A Custom Home Builder?

Coming up with your own house design is an exciting idea and a dream for many people. You can build your own house plans with a custom home builder. At Enso Homes we can provide an in-house design service or build off pre-existing plans completed by an architect or building designer. It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t copy pre-existing plans completed by an architect or building designer but you can seek their express permission to use them. In this post, we’ll cover house plan copyright, the benefits of using in-house design services, the benefits of using architectural/ building designer services and how you can bring your plans to life with a custom home builder. Lastly, we’ll talk through the importance of budgeting from the outset to ensure a clear path forward so your dream home ultimately gets built.  

House Plan Copyright 

Once a house plan is designed by an architect, building designer, or draftsperson it can’t be copied due to copyright laws. However, for the client, having to abandon a creative idea entirely is wasteful in terms of resources and ambition. Thankfully, you can obtain a letter of release from an architect, building designer, or draftsperson to gain the rights to utilise the design. Taking an existing house plan design to a custom home builder is a way for you to build the exact house design that you’ve developed.  

House plans laid out on a table

In-House Design Service Benefits

  • Work directly with the builder who’ll be building your home, ensuring the design and build work seamlessly together. 
  • Cost-saving efficiencies of working with a single entity.
  • Design buildability is thoroughly understood and implemented into the design process.
  • Identify cost-effective design solutions to reduce build costs.
  • Builders have a deeper understanding of design build cost, ensuring design closely aligns with your budget.

Architect and Building Designer Benefits

  • Design specialists. 
  • May have specific expertise in certain design themes/areas.
  • You may be a fan of their existing portfolio.
  • The best option for extremely detailed/complex designs.
  • May offer design ideas that a builder may not consider.

Bring Your Plans To Life With A Custom Home Builder

Whether you have your dream plans drawn up already or are looking to bring your ideas to life with a custom build Enso Homes can help. To get started you can visit a display home or contact our New Home Specialist to discuss your existing house plans or dream plans. You’ll discuss what you’re looking to achieve and the feasibility of the design. More often than not feasibility isn’t a roadblock and your dream home design can be utilised, adapted or created to suit your needs. 

A design consultation is then arranged to customise floor plans which meet your design requirements. Once plans are completed we discuss the inclusions in your project so that everything is crystal clear and the road to actualisation is in sight for your home. In the case that you have engaged an architect, building designer, or draftsperson to create your plan, Enso Homes will request that you obtain a letter of release that gives Enso Homes express permission to build the home exactly as it was designed from their plans. The plans can also be altered for the improvement of the design, functionality, wants, needs and affordability.

In some instances, at no additional cost, we may utilise our in-house draftsperson to re-draw the set of plans as we do require specific details on our plans that our tradespeople, suppliers, and employees are familiar working with. This ensures we’re entirely compliant with all products specified with the required technical installation specifications. It’s important for Enso Homes to complete all installations as per the manufacturer’s installation guides. 

From here any last changes are finalised and a quote is produced. You’ll then move to the deposit stage before your build is commenced. 

Timber house facade
Enso Homes Emily Facade


You should always have a clear budget in mind to get the house plans and the build right. It’s human nature for people to keep budgets close to their chests. However the more transparent both parties can be from the planning stage of a build, the more projects are tailored to budget and the design requirements. A great building can ultimately be achieved. 

Letting a custom home builder know your budget and what you can afford enables them to do the best work with you and create attainable solutions. It’s a good idea to have conversations with a broker or a financial advisor before beginning discussions on house plans.  

Whether you already have house plans designed by an architect or building designer or have a dream home design in mind, Enso Homes can help you. We offer a broad range of off-the-plan homes that can be modified to suit your lifestyle and we’re happy to build fully custom homes. We’re not just another builder, we believe your home should be a genuine reward for your hard work. Chat with our team about creating an architecturally designed space where you’ll love to live. Call on 03 5240 9300 or message us online.

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