Geelong’s Best Custom Home Designs For Acreage

The epitome of country living is wide open vistas, privacy and a connection to nature. At Enso Homes, it’s through our appreciation and understanding of our coastal and regional settings that we’ve crafted many successful acreage homes around Geelong. A countryside or coastal home design is about seamlessly blending with the local surroundings. It begins with considering scale and proportions, site orientation, sustainable design, zoning and functionality. Let’s take a look at what the best custom home designs for acreage incorporate around the Bellarine, the Surf Coast and Golden Plains.

Enso Homes back patio of acreage home.
Enso Homes custom acreage design

The benefits of acreage custom home designs

Acreage designs can accommodate features such as large windows that capture scenic views, large outdoor living spaces, expansive floorplans, and additional amenities such as pools and gardens. Enhanced privacy and tranquillity give you a sense of freedom in design and lifestyle. Whether your property is in a rural setting, coastal area, or somewhere in between, by taking advantage you can integrate your home, its features and amenities with your surroundings and have a closer connection to nature.

With acreage custom home designs there are plenty of opportunities to create a home with your desired floorplan without any compromises. With minimum restrictions from neighbouring boundaries, any complications with how wide or long you build are eliminated. Working closely with a custom home builder, you can design a floorplan that meets your specific needs such as additional bedrooms, dedicated home offices or entertaining spaces.

Enso Homes Vista 28 acreage home floorplan.
Enso Homes Vista 28 floorplan
Enso Homes Vista 38 floorplan acreage home.
Enso Homes Vista 38 floorplan

Our Vista 28 and Vista 38 floor plans are examples of expansive floor plans. They show subtle differences which can be added to layouts, such as his/hers washrooms, without worrying about proximity or positioning to neighbouring houses.

Factors to consider when designing a custom home for acreage

Considering scale and proportions, home orientation, sustainable design, zoning and functionality are essential to blend homes with the local surroundings.

Scale and proportions in acreage custom home designs

The careful consideration of scale and proportion in acreage custom home design is what seamlessly blends a home with the surrounding environment. The result is maximising the available space on a block and providing a balanced and aesthetically pleasing living experience for occupants. Becoming too carried away with the size of your floorplan so that it overpowers the land is a common mistake. You want to take the opportunities in acreage to incorporate the natural landscape and outdoor living into your home.

Lincoln custom acreage home
Lincoln custom acreage home

Home orientation – maximising natural light and views in acreage home designs

The orientation of the home on acreage property is crucial. Think about how far forward or back your home will be located on your block from roads; where the driveway will go and where the main entrance will be positioned. In conjunction, think about how to maintain the natural landscape, light and views. Consider the direction of sunlight, prevailing winds, and any natural features or views that should be emphasised. Optimising the orientation of your home enhances natural light, energy efficiency and the overall experience of the home.

Incorporating sustainable design principles in acreage home designs

Acreage properties provide many opportunities for sustainable living. Incorporating features such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, wood heating and landscaping that promotes biodiversity is easier with more space. Depending on the size of your property, you might even consider a vegetable garden or small-scale farming.

Zoning and functionality in acreage custom home designs

Zoning regulations specific to your acreage property dictate permitted land use, setbacks, building heights, and other restrictions. Your custom home design must comply with regulations to avoid legal issues or delays in the construction process.

Land Use

Determine how you plan to use the land surrounding your custom home. Whether it’s agricultural activities or recreational areas, it’s essential to consider how the home design can support and enhance these activities. This might include access points, storage areas, or specialised infrastructure for specific land uses.


Acreage custom home designs should be functional and practical for everyday living. Consider the needs and lifestyle of your household in line with planning regulations. For acreage homes, as well as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you include in your design, you should consider specific functional requirements based on your hobbies or interests that extra land can accommodate.

Traffic Flow

Plan the layout of your custom home to ensure smooth traffic flow. Consider the placement of rooms and corridors inside the house and driveways, footpaths and fences outside of the house. Safety should also be considered around roads, trees, ponds and lakes. Minimise congestion and create logical pathways within and around the home for maximum functionality.

Boondilla custom acreage home
Enso Homes Boondilla custom acreage home

Choosing the right builder for acreage home designs

A builder with experience in your local area is best equipped to consider scale, site orientation, sustainable design and functionality for your acreage home. Also to integrate your home into the local surroundings. Additionally, they’ll be familiar with the local council and have knowledge of zoning and building regulations.

Enso Homes – Geelong-based custom home builders

Our homes are designed to complement both rural and coastal settings. Whether you envision a serene countryside retreat or a coastal oasis, our designs seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. Explore our custom home designs for acreage properties in the Bellarine, Surf Coast, and Golden Plains regions. Use our designs as inspiration or contact us today to make a start on your custom home design.

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