Here’s why rightsizing is the new downsizing

Rightsizing is the new downsizing

Downsizing has typically been associated with living smaller, but rightsizing is all about living smarter. Whether you have financial or lifestyle reasons for building on a lower scale, innovative and custom home designs will ensure that no square metre is wasted.

Rightsizing is a recently coined term to describe homebuyers taking stock of their living arrangements and asking themselves what will truly add value to their home life. Unlike downsizing, this isn’t about what people are giving up or compromising, but how they can improve their comfort and financial load by consciously re-evaluating their absolute property must-haves. This is where a custom design can make all the difference, with purpose-built innovation that serves the way you want to live now and far into the future. Here’s how to get a home that’s exactly the right size for you.

Forget traditional floorplans

Try not to look at too many plans or display homes before you start envisioning your perfect home. You don’t want to mimic a generic home design that doesn’t serve the exact needs of you and your family. By keeping an open mind with flexible or custom builds, you can create a truly bespoke home with dedicated rooms, spaces, nooks and optimum storage solutions. Remember that every square metre has value and properly designed, can be utilised to serve aesthetic, practical and functional purposes. Traditional home layouts are often favoured by mainstream builders because repeating the same home construction means a more formulaic project line and a better profit margin. Some floorplans on the market have actually existed for decades and not surprisingly, no longer meet the needs of the modern family.

For example, is there unused corner space that could be converted into a usable study nook? Do you need a full back garden, or would you benefit more from a hybrid alfresco patio you can use all year round? Are you making the best use of your vertical space?

Paying just that little bit more for a custom home design will give you access to a qualified home designer that will help you identify opportunities for modifications, inclusions and upgrades that will genuinely enrich your lifestyle.

The Oasis floor plan is uniquely designed to make the most of available space on smaller blocks.

Building smaller is building nicer

When people build because they believe bigger is simply better, they aren’t factoring in the small stuff. Big house budgets can get spread thin from the construction allocation alone which leaves less for the finer details. Overspending on an oversized house could mean cutting down on some of the features you had your heart set on.

By rightsizing to a house that has a clever use of less space, you also get the benefit of having more provision for quality and luxury finishes. A home build is a monumental investment of your precious time and money, so whether it is your fittings or floorboards, you want to make sure you love everything about the finished product. Higher-quality interior design features also have the benefit of looking good for longer and being more resistant to general wear and tear from the chaos of family life. This will mean your investment will go even further.

On a sustainable note, living smaller is living greener. Rightsizing can help you consume less energy, lower your emissions and decrease your utility bills.

Bathroom fixtures
Rightsizing and building on a slightly smaller scale leaves more in the budget for higher quality fixtures and features.

Space-savvy design ideas

If you’ve ever had a linen press bursting at the seams with decades worth of manchester, we feel your pain. Even today, your standard mainstream floorplan can be lacking in adequate storage provisions and may not utilise all available space.

Here are some clever uses of space featured in more home designs:

Think Vertical

Go up, not across. Shelving, cupboards and storage units are sometimes wider than they need to be. Higher, vertical solutions can make better use of the available space and leave more room to move down below.

Smart Laundries

As blocks get smaller and medium-density living rises, the old Hills Hoist and dedicated outdoor drying areas are less viable. Suspended or fold-out racks in internal laundries can easily solve this issue.

Sliding Doors

Spaces that can be easily partitioned rather than permanently divided may give your house more flexibility and functionality with your living zones.

Outdoor Rooms

Some new estate floorplans contain a small patch of grass designed to serve as a garden. Think carefully about how you use every inch of your outdoor space so you are getting value from the space no matter the season.

Inner Space

Whether it is an awkward corner or a small gap under the stairs, consider how it may be used for a purpose. Could it be fitted with a custom bench seat as a small reading area, or converted into extra storage?

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