How To Find A Custom Home Builder

The more you know about the custom home-building process, the more comfortable you’ll feel before starting out on your journey. The best place to start looking for a builder is always going to be your local area. You want to work with a builder who has experience working locally and with your council and you don’t want to pay hefty fees for a builder’s travel time to your site.  To find local builders, a quick Google search is going to get you started however, Google doesn’t always tell the full story of your best options. In this article, we’ll go through our expert checklist for how to find your ideal custom home builder. 


Research local builders online and through recommendations 

Utilise online resources such as websites, social media, and online directories to compile a list of potential builders in your area. Any of these resources can provide valuable information about a builder’s specific services, past projects and contact details. However, know that this is just the beginning of finding your ideal custom home builder. On your potential builders’ list, you should also include any recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues who’ve undergone construction projects. You’ll be able to hear first-hand about their overall experience working with a builder which is likely to put you ahead in your vetting process! 

Define your needs and budget 

Before you begin reaching out to builders from your list, it’s essential to define your needs and budget. Once established, you should be able to see if a builder has the experience and expertise to deliver on your requirements. Think about what kind of home you envision. What are your must-haves and nice-to-haves? Determine your budget range and be realistic about what you can’t afford. Builders often specialise in different price ranges, so knowing your budget upfront will help narrow down your options.

Review portfolios

Once you’ve determined the local and reputable builders who fit your project needs and budget you’re ready to delve deeply into their portfolio and past projects. Take a look at the builder’s portfolio of completed projects. Look for designs and styles that resonate with your vision. Pay attention to the quality of workmanship and attention to detail. A portfolio review may even extend into an in-person viewing if a building company has a display home available to visit. This is advantageous as you’re able to see and experience their work firsthand. Beautiful custom build home

Contacting builders

After narrowing down your potential builders’ list, you’re now ready to make contact. Before investing time into meeting in person and visiting their current projects you should be confident in their experience and credentials. 

Check experience and credentials 

Ensure that you know how long the builder has been in the industry and the types of projects they specialise in. Ensure that the builder is licensed and insured. This will provide you with protection in case of accidents or issues during construction. You should always ensure that your builder is a registered domestic building practitioner. You can search for their information on the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) practitioner search page or phone the VBA on 1300 815 127.

Meet with potential builders

When meeting with potential builders you have the opportunity to interview them. Be prepared with a list of questions to ask, such as their approach to project management, estimated timelines, and how they handle changes or delays. Evaluate their communication style and responsiveness. Clear and transparent communication is key to a successful project.

Visit a construction site

For a firsthand look at a builder’s work, consider visiting ongoing construction sites. This will give you insights into their workmanship, organisation, and site management. Pay attention to the quality of materials being used, the cleanliness of the site, and the professionalism of tradespeople.

Review past projects

You can assess a builder’s past projects by asking for references from past clients. Contact these clients to learn about their experiences, including communication, timelines, and overall satisfaction with the builder’s work.

Custom home builders in Geelong  

The process of finding a custom home builder becomes more manageable when broken down into a structured list. Start locally by researching builders online and seeking recommendations from within your network. To narrow down your options, define your needs and budget. Review portfolios, check credentials and experience, and meet with potential builders to assess their suitability. Checked everything off our list? You’re set to find the perfect custom home builder for your project.

Enso Homes custom builds

At Enso Homes, we pride ourselves on delivering consistent quality on all of our builds. We achieve a high-level quality of construction on our projects through a combination of internal processes, aligning with a quality building surveyor, and the assistance of an independent quality assurance inspector. If you’re building in the Geelong region, consider Enso Homes for your build. Book a Dream Home Discovery Session with our New Home Specialist today. Register online or call 03 5240 9300. 

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