The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

The major drawcard of building a custom home is the ability to build anything. You can build a home that meets your exact lifestyle, that fits your block of land and has your ideal orientation. Realising a custom home requires a dedicated team who can work closely with you to achieve your vision. With a custom home build you receive an unmatched level of service in comparison to a volume build. This service is what enables a home that truly fits your lifestyle and needs, that’s well suited to your local area and that’s completed with a high degree of detail. In this article, we provide insight into working with us at Enso Homes on a custom home design and the benefits that come with it. 

Custom home benefits include a dedicated team

At Enso Homes you have a dedicated team to assist you throughout the whole process of building a custom home. Our New Homes Specialist works with clients from the design stage of a build to develop a plan and detailed quote and arrange a sales agreement. After this stage, an operational staff member becomes the single point of contact until you commence

construction. When your build is ready to start, one of our project managers will touch base, and become your single point of contact throughout construction. This is a unique offering, even within custom home builds. We believe that this level of service is what enables our outstanding results.  

People in meeting room discussing building.

A single project manager for your entire build

You’ll have a single project manager for your entire build with Enso Homes. Some volume builders will have two or three different project managers throughout the build of one project, responsible for supervising different stages such as slab, frame and lockup. For clients, this can cause frustration when information is lost between handovers. This results in poorer service. With one project manager throughout the entire build, there’s consistent communication and no information loss.

Time and attention to detail

At Enso Homes, every year we have a limited number of builds to ensure the quality of each build. This equates to fewer homes per project manager than the industry average. This means that there’s more time for our project managers to dedicate to building your home. This is necessary for the level of customisation of our builds and complexity. It provides more time and focus for each client. Typically in the industry, Project Managers can have up to 30 homes on their schedule at a given time. This is problematic when you’re required to be across everything with a great level of detail and maintain effective communication.

Tailored design work

Our in-house design team is on hand to meet with you and discuss your design directly. With volume builders, design work might be undertaken by different people on and off-site. You’ll also have little to no design flexibility with volume builders.

Selecting colour scheme

Custom home benefits include working with local builders

We’re involved in the Geelong community, investing support into organisations that progress health and sport. This is our commitment to responsible business and growing our local community. As locals, we understand the Geelong region which gives us an advantage when designing homes for families to suit their lifestyles here.

You and your new home are our priority

We believe that expert workmanship and great modern design should be available to all. Our team is devoted to making this a reality. Enso Homes creates quality houses that are thoughtfully designed. We work with you, every step of the way, to ensure your new home is exactly as you imagined it!

Consultant working with clients on a custom home build.


As designers of custom-built homes in Geelong, it’s our responsibility to make sure that your home is not only built to your specifications but also quality-tested throughout the build process. Not only do we have a project manager completing industry-standard quality assessments on all of our builds, but we also engage Manse Group to conduct independent quality assurance inspections. This commitment ensures that your home is of the highest quality. No stone is left unturned when it comes to building the perfect luxury home in Geelong for our clients.

Quality assurance meeting on-site.

Build your custom home with Enso Homes

Building a custom home with Enso Homes offers an unparalleled experience with a dedicated support team, streamlined communication through a single project manager, meticulous attention to detail, tailored design solutions, and a connection to the local community. Our commitment to quality assurance ensures that every home is not only a reflection of the client’s vision but also a testament to superior craftsmanship. By placing clients and their homes at the forefront, we deliver homes that are epitomes of modern design and quality. Book a Dream Home Discovery Session with our New Home Specialist today. Register your interest online or call 03 5240 9300.

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