The Biggest Home Building Trends Of 2023

Let’s take a look at a selection of recent Enso Homes builds and the trends that are driving this year’s design. A common trend has been the popularity of mid-century architectural styling – there’s a Palm Springs retrogression in the air. Minimalist architectural styling is also proving popular. Double-storey builds are taking off to make use of smaller and more challenging block dimensions. And custom builds are in demand as people realise the value of making the best use of space and unlocking the best design solutions for individual families.

From nostalgia to simplicity – these trends are bringing forth sustainability in design and style. We’re inspired to see home builders embracing retro and fitting out their mid-century homes with mid-century furniture. We’re excited to see home builders stripping down designs and looking for simplicity. Here are all the trends.

The Mid-Century Home Building Trend

In 1950s and 1960s Australia, families embarked on road trips to beachside holidays where they’d stay in motels offering luxuries unaffordable in most homes at the time. These included swimming pools, coloured TVs and air conditioning. Motels were retro and styled with bright colours blocked against plain backdrops. This escape from the suburbs was the ultimate getaway. As high-rise buildings evolved, the heritage of this mid-century era became lost. Now it’s being re-discovered. What were once holiday luxuries are now accessible within our homes to create a suburban oasis. Take the Enso Aria Facade pictured below as an example of the ‘retrogression’ trend – retro style with all the modern-day luxuries.

Enso Homes, Aria Facade

A Mid-Century Home Retrogression

The Aria Facade celebrates what it means to live on the coast and brings a touch of glamour to Geelong from the retro heyday. The Aria Facade accommodates a double-storey floorplan that elevates a typical home design to accommodate four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a rumpus room, a study and an open-plan living and dining area.

Open floorplans in mid-century modern home design originated in the United States during the post-war period. The concept of an open plan rejects the idea of busy design and dividing walls in favour of open space for freedom and connection. This idea of space and social interaction has endured over the years in Australia and is typical in suburban home design.

Enso Homes, Selkrig Facade

The Selkrig Facade stands true to the mid-century design ethos. This design has been popular with home builders. We’ve also seen how this style encourages the use of local recycled furniture.

The Minimalist Home Building Trend

Proceeding the mid-century modern design ethos of simplicity and openness is the minimalist trend. The below custom home build is essentially a box design constructed with panoramic windows which connect the interior to the outside world. The garage is not involved in the building’s design. Consequently, the design focus is maintained on the living space.

Enso Homes, Custom Home Build

The Emily Facade shown below is another example of the minimalist trend. The central elongated walkway creates the appearance of a horizontal facade that spans the front of the building. However, the Lighthouse Design is a square configuration that wraps around a central courtyard. This layout creates two separate wings on the house that enables a more private approach to minimalist design.

Enso Homes, Lighthouse Design – Emily Facade (Customised)

The Double-Storey Home Building Trend

Double-storey homes are now being created to address the issue of land availability in the Greater Geelong region. Larger blocks for sale are rare and have a significantly more expensive price tag. Paired with highly sought-after local land releases, home builders are looking for an alternative solution – building up. Vertically, a smaller block doesn’t have to mean less space. A double-storey design makes the most of smart design. This makes the Kate Facade ideal for knockdown and rebuilding homes that are located on blocks with limited square meterage.

Enso Homes, Maidstone Design – Kate Facade (Customised)

Learn More About Home Building

The 2023 home building trends are more simplistic and focused on function and sustainability. Whilst the latest trends for home styling are a mixture of retro and modern, fully customised and partially customised builds are trending in design and gaining popularity with new home builders. Double-storey homes on smaller blocks have also been trending to make clever use of space and vertical solutions for home builds.

To learn more about home builds and what you can achieve with Enso Homes, see our home designs and custom home builds in our portfolio.



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