The Next Big Thing In Custom Home Builds

Every day our dedicated team immerses themselves in design, curating and crafting international home design trends and tailoring them to complement the Geelong region. These trends go beyond mere aesthetics—they become extra comforts, luxury, and innovation for our valued clients. In this article, we share with you an exclusive glimpse into the bespoke features that our clients are requesting to build their havens. Let’s explore the top custom home build trends that we’ve seen in 2023 so far and our top tips to achieve them.

Home offices

The first top trend is home offices and study nooks. For most, this isn’t a space that’s a dedicated room but one that’s cleverly integrated into the design.

People are creating home offices in unexpected places. To create your home office look for:

  • A cabinet you won’t use very often.
  • A nook in your hallway.
  • A corner in your rumpus room.

The key to creating a nook is making the space feel bigger than it is. In your design take into account natural or soft lighting and how you can dress the space with plants. Keeping decor to a minimum will help you create a more workable workspace.

Study nook in cupboard.
Enso Homes study nook, hidden behind a cupboard in a light-filled room.

Luxury outdoor spaces

Outdoor luxury is a popular trend right now. These custom spaces include bespoke courtyard designs, outdoor kitchens, entertaining areas, plunge pools and outdoor saunas or showers. As entertaining has moved outdoors, homeowners are following one simple rule… let the look and feel of the interior spill out to the exterior.

This means:

  • Aligning your interior and exterior colour scheme.
  • Aligning your interior and exterior decor.
  • Ensuring that outdoor elements are weather-proof and easily washable.

Enso Top Tip—consider which room directly leads to your outdoor space, and let that room determine your outdoor aesthetic.

Home outdoor pool in courtyard.
Enso Homes luxury courtyard: outdoor pool, lounge and dining.


Building a pergola doesn’t just add another living space to your home, it gives you a relaxing outdoor retreat in your own home. To create a calming effect, stick to wood and natural hues. For a pop of colour, use flowers in your garden.

Enso Top Tip—running vines or creeper plants up your pergola is a quick way to create a space that feels like it’s in a far-away exotic destination.

Backyard deck with BBQ and outdoor dining.
Enso Homes pergola.

Multiple Bathrooms

Creating multiple bathrooms is a big custom home build trend now. This trend includes powder rooms with just enough amenities to freshen up. Where you can, separating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. It means that guests, or family members, can use the bathroom space without seeing the toilet or having the pressure to rush when someone has to use it.

Enso Top Tip—homes with a bathroom or powder room for each bedroom are much more accommodating to visitors and Airbnb guests.

Home bathroom with bathtub and shower.

Home theatres

Creating a movie theatre experience in the comfort of your own home is something many people are opting for. Everyone’s home is different, but there are two key elements to focus on to ensure your home experience is worthy of a silver screen:

Home theatre setup

A bigger room doesn’t always mean a better experience. Focus on having the best quality sound and video resolution in the space. Consider the acoustics and the length between your screen and your seating. Use this viewing distance calculator to help you optimise your set-up.

Home theatre seating

Comfort is king. The second half of your budget should be spent on creating an optimal seating set-up. Consider seating that reclines and offers support for your legs.
Enso Top Tip—choose easy clean seating materials if you plan on allowing snacks and drinks in your home theatre.

Dog washing station

One of the most playful trends that we’ve seen in custom builds is home dog washing stations. Pet lovers are creating spaces dedicated to keeping their best friends shiny and clean.

For a dog washing station to work in your home, your space needs to:

  • Be easily washable after you’ve washed your (muddy) best friend.
  • Be close to the front door to minimise mess anywhere else.
  • Include a space for shampoo, towels and drying.
Dog washing station in home utility room.
Enso Homes Dog Washing Station.

Home gyms

More and more people are opting to exercise from home and creating a fitness space is easier than you think. Store rooms and double garages are usually the first spaces we think of. But by mounting or storing your equipment on a wall, any good-sized space could become a home gym.

Enso Top Tip—consider softer flooring options for your gym space. This will make exercises such as push-ups easier on your hands.

Bring your custom home build to life with the latest trends

As award-winning custom builders, we don’t just stay on top of international home design trends, we build them for our clients every day. Our clients experience a superior level of quality, years of expertise and independent quality assurance. Let Enso Homes help you get started with your custom home build. Have a look at our portfolio to spark some ideas.



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