What Are the Costs Involved When Customising a Standard Floor Plan?

For many homeowners, renovating seems like a less daunting process than an entire knockdown rebuild. However, there are some distinct advantages for each option, based on your specific requirements and the condition of your current home. In some cases, a knockdown rebuild is a more suitable solution than a renovation. As trusted Geelong builders, Enso Homes provides expert advice to homeowners to help them make the right choice. 


Who wouldn’t feel the excitement when personalising a floor plan for their dream home? But how much does it cost when customising a standard floor plan? Let us navigate you through this fundamental process.

You might have been visiting several display homes and finding yourself appreciating different features and styles. It might be the picturesque windows that carry natural light into your home. It could be a spacious ensuite that gives you a grand feeling. Or simply a functional kitchen that suits your family lifestyle.

Understanding the needs of our clients, Enso Homes offers high flexibility to modify and restyle your floor plan. While changes will often impact the final build price, it is necessary to understand your financial capacity and the cost involved in customising your floor plan.


Understanding customisation costs

Generally, customisation costs include reconfiguring the structure of the floor plan, i.e., increasing room size, relocating internal walls, upgrading or adding in additional windows, increasing ceiling heights, etc. These changes will normally stretch the final build price.

Aside from these structural changes, the internals of your home will also impact your build cost. Internal features can often be changed at your colour selection appointment. This includes selecting your paint colour, appliances, fixtures, tapware, and other cosmetic components.

While structural changes differ from interior changes, it is essential to consider your spending capacity to maximize the value and functionality of your home.

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How to keep your costs down?

There are several ways you can go about reducing your build cost and not overspend at the expense of momentary excitement.

Every builder will have a range of standard floor plans with different layouts and unique features. This is beneficial for you as selecting the closest floorplan to what you are after will reduce the number of changes made and save you from an overly customized home.

Furthermore, selecting the right block of land is critical as it can influence your build price. This includes having to pay a higher amount for site costs including cut and filling, or possibly requiring a retaining wall to provide support and prevent soil from eroding slowly or collapsing suddenly. By selecting the right block of land, you could minimise the overall build cost and have that money disbursed elsewhere.

It is also indispensable to request a standard inclusions list from the builder to gain a better understanding of what is included in the base price. This encompasses your façade choices, standard structural inclusions, energy rating compliance, and colour selections. Understanding the basics will allow you to make smarter decisions and save you from an expensive price tag.

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Where should you start?

To understand what is essential to upgrade or customise, it is advised that you complete your research and planning before visiting display homes. This will allow you to identify the features of the home, i.e., high ceiling, doubled glazed windows, timber flooring, etc., and help with brainstorming ideas for your floor plan design.

The next step is to compose a wish list of the inclusions, changes, and upgrades you would like to have and make. Then it’s all about choosing the right builder for you. Preparing a wish list will save you and the builder time during the initial quotation process. It will also help the sales representative apprehend your needs and provide you with the utmost practical advice that will minimise unnecessary expenses.

An exceptional builder will be efficient, provide valuable advice that saves you money, accommodate flexibility, and deliver a quality home without blowing your budget.

Contact our lovely New Home Sales Consultant – Michael Badman today on 0438 428 103 to chat with him about your upcoming building plan.

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