What Does A Custom Home Builder Do?

People often consider a custom-built home to be the investment of their lifetime. Whilst it’s a huge undertaking, the result is a home that’s customised to a lifestyle rather than an off-the-plan home that’s difficult to tailor. So what does a custom home builder do differently from a standard builder? To achieve the vision of your custom home, a custom home builder works closely with you to design, plan, manage and construct your home. Communication, quality assurance and warranty are central parts of their responsibilities that secure your investment. The builder has to ensure that everything happens when it’s supposed to and that the result is precisely what you envision. Read on for an insight into what a custom builder does.

Luxury lounge room with fire and TV.
Enso Homes custom home lounge

The responsibilities of a custom home builder

A custom home builder manages and executes a house construction project from start to finish. This is a substantial undertaking that involves multiple stages throughout the design and construction process of building a house. Each stage of a build demands constant attention to detail.

Custom home builders design and plan custom homes

One of the first responsibilities of a custom home builder is to work closely with you at the initial planning stages of a build. Before feasibility assessments, cost estimates, and construction timelines, custom home builders begin by designing your home based on your preferences and brief. At Enso Homes, our clients work with our dedicated in-house team to produce their designs.

Managing the construction process

Once the design is finalised and the plans are drawn up, custom home builders oversee the entire construction process from start to finish. They coordinate multiple suppliers and construction workers involved in the project. Juggling changing schedules due to weather or supply issues is one of the many skills your custom builder requires to ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget. The builder’s management skills to handle any roadblocks to the construction schedule make a significant difference.

Coordinating construction activities includes site preparation, foundation work, framing, electrical and plumbing installations, insulation and flooring. Builders ensure that all construction is carried out according to the approved plans, building codes, and industry best practices. Builders also need to be able to incorporate any design modifications during construction whilst maintaining all standards.

Custom home builders coordinate subcontractors and suppliers

Custom builders will assist you in selecting the appropriate materials, finishes, and fixtures for your custom home. They then coordinate the subcontractor trades and suppliers for the materials. This requires sourcing and procuring the necessary materials and coordinating delivery. It also requires ensuring materials meet the desired specifications and quality standards and overseeing the installation. Professional builders have close working relationships with quality subcontractors.

Choosing finishes for a custom home design.

Obtaining necessary building permits and approvals

Custom home builders have expertise in building codes, regulations, and permit requirements. This ensures full compliance with legal obligations for construction. The National Construction Code establishes the minimum standards for safety, health, amenity, accessibility, and sustainability in buildings. Obtaining a building permit is mandatory for all construction activities. Obtaining a planning permit to grant permission for specific land development or usage is sometimes necessary. A custom home builder will consult with the local council on your behalf to determine if a planning permit is required. Councils have existing relationships with established contractors. They trust their built reputation for excellent project management and high-quality work which makes obtaining permits and approvals a smoother process.

Handling project budget and finances

Builders will work with you to establish a realistic budget for the project. They provide cost estimates, track expenses, and manage the budget throughout the construction process. They must also communicate any potential cost overruns or changes with you and seek approval before proceeding.

Quality assurance and delivery

Builders conduct regular inspections to ensure a building meets the required quality standards. Also that all building codes and regulations are followed. They address any issues or deficiencies identified during inspections and coordinate any corrections or repairs of defects. A custom home builder will go above and beyond the standard quality measures. At Enso Homes, we carry out additional quality assurance throughout construction to complete our builds to a superior quality.

Enso Homes Custom 21 Facade

Communicating with clients throughout the process

Communication is the key to pulling off a custom home vision. From concept to completion, it’s a journey through the design, planning, construction and management phases. Custom home builders maintain open and regular communication with clients. They inform you about the project’s progress, address questions and concerns, and seek your input and approval at various stages. A custom home builder will provide updates on anything that may impact the project or cause changes to schedules and budgets.

Build your custom home

A custom home builder is a trusted partner in the journey towards your dream home. They offer expertise, attention to detail, and a commitment to delivering a superior level of quality.  Custom home builders differentiate themselves from standard builders by collaborating closely with clients throughout the build process.

You can find our custom-built homes throughout Geelong, Golden Plains, the Bellarine, and the Surf Coast. We work with you on creating a custom home design from scratch. Discover how you can work with us today – register your interest here.

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