Why You Should Visit a Display Home Before Building a Custom Home

When building a custom home you create a true home – it’s tailored to the unique needs and preferences of you and your family. You’ve likely been inspired by photos and videos on Instagram or in magazines. Although it’s not the first place you think to look, visiting a display home is also a great source of inspiration. In this article, we explore why. There’s nothing like walking through a building in the flesh to truly understand an environment. Visiting a display home before you start your home-building journey will help you make informed decisions that will better the results of your dream home.

See what’s possible for your custom home design

Much of the time you don’t know what is and isn’t possible until you see it for yourself. A display home provides you with a tangible example of layout possibilities. It also allows you to see and experience different architectural styles and interior design concepts. This firsthand experience is valuable in helping you visualise your future realistically.

Enso Homes Selkrig Facade Display Home
Enso Homes Selkrig Facade Display Home

In-person, you’re able to experience finishes and fixtures. You can compare different levels of finishes and get a better grasp of where you might want to invest more or where you can save in your custom home project. You’ll be better placed to understand cost implications and refine your budget. Different design elements will impact the overall costs and understanding this will help you allocate your budget more effectively.

On paper, a room or layout can often seem ideal, but it might not work as well in practice. By touring a display home, you can get a feel for room sizes, flow, and spatial relationships. Hands-on experience helps you make more informed decisions about the layout of your custom home.

Be inspired by display homes

Even when you have a clear vision for your custom home, a display home can provide fresh ideas and inspiration. You may discover innovative design features, layout options, or colour schemes that you haven’t considered. A display home allows you to explore a variety of design ideas. These insights will only enrich your design plans.
Determine what you do or don’t like in a home
By touring display homes, you can identify design elements or features you like and those you don’t. By determining what you don’t like you get closer to your ideal design. You have the ability to further refine your vision and preferences for your custom home.

Enso Homes Olsen 29 Display Home Living
Enso Homes Olsen 29 Display Home Living

Assess a builder’s quality

Skill and expertise, attention to detail, use of quality materials, and a focus on functionality and aesthetics are crucial in creating a high-quality build. A display home is a fully furnished and designed representation of a builder’s work. They’re typically built to the highest standards to showcase a builder’s capabilities. Visiting one allows you to evaluate the quality of construction, materials used, and attention to detail. You can inspect the finishes, cabinetry, flooring, and fixtures up close to gain confidence in the builder’s craftsmanship. Look carefully at the standard of workmanship, you don’t have to be a specialist to tell whether the walls are bulging, the floors slope or the switch covers are crooked. A great design, idyllic location or dramatic view won’t compensate for structural defects or poor-quality workmanship.

Enso Homes Olsen 29 Display Home kitchen
Enso Homes Olsen 29 Display Home kitchen

Visit a display home today

Visiting a display home before building your custom home is a smart and practical step in the process. It offers the opportunity to explore, evaluate, and refine your vision while gaining confidence in your builder’s craftsmanship. It’s a chance to turn your dream home into a well-informed and well-executed reality. It may just be the key to bringing the home of your dreams into reality.

Enso display homes

At Enso Homes, we pride ourselves on delivering consistent quality on all of our builds. We achieve a high-level quality of construction on our projects through a combination of internal processes, aligning with a quality building surveyor, and the assistance of an independent quality assurance inspector. Our award-winning display homes are located at 11 and 13 Fawkner Cres, Armstrong Creek.

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