Your step-by-step guide to the home building process

We know. It’s a daunting decision especially when you don’t know the building process. Building a home is a massive undertaking and for the uninitiated, it can be hard to know where to start. Do you need to choose a floor plan before you meet the builder? What about the deposit? How much do you need? Do you need to have titled land first, and how long will the build actually take? To help answer all of these questions and more, your chosen builder should sit down with you and ask you what you want to achieve. Building a home is, for most of us, the biggest investment we will ever make. Having worked so hard to get to the point where you can afford to enlist a builder is a big moment, so we believe your home should be purpose-matched to your lifestyle. While there are variables during a build, your experience shouldn’t be a negative one. Such an investment should also come with the assurance that your result will align with your vision, and be structurally up to code. Here’s why you can expect nothing less during your building process and journey with Enso Homes.

STEP 1: Your Dream Home Discovery Session & Quote

This is the exploration part. You might have an idea already from some floorplans or designs you’ve seen, or even have architectural plans ready to bring to life. Instead of just picking a plan and hitting the start button, a Dream Home Discovery Session can help you match your home to your lifestyle now and for the future. This includes the flexibility to add to or change existing plans to sketch out your vision, or create a custom home from scratch. This initial session will really give us an idea of who you are, where you want to live and the style you aspire to. Our dedicated New Home Specialist can recommend customisation options, flexible designs, truly innovative features and other possibilities to make your home your own.

There is also the matter of land. We find most clients have titled land before they come to us so we can adapt the build to suit the property. When we design a home for a vacant block, we consider the size, shape, orientation, slope and soil type to ensure your design is compatible. We can also work with knockdown rebuilds. Whatever you’re looking for, just ask and we’ll be happy to recommend a solution.

It’s important at this point that your builder is transparent about costs. Instead of drawing up plans you can’t afford and surprising you with a sum you hadn’t banked on, we’ll send you a detailed quote after your initial consultation. Your quote will have a sketch of your home plan including facades and floor plans you have chosen, a list of inclusions and fees laid out in black and white. Your final payable amount may change slightly if there are any major variations along the build journey. Finer details such as internal fittings, interior features, finishes and materials will be chosen by you after you have paid your deposit.

STEP 2: Deposit and Sales Agreement

This is the slightly scary part where you put your money into your build, so it’s important you are assured you are signing on with a builder that will deliver the finished product. Most people choose to get pre-approved for finance before choosing a builder. This ensures that you can comfortably afford the home that you have chosen and keep the building process timeline to a minimum. We do like to remind our clients that Enso Homes is a reputable builder with a strong financial position. Whatever builder you choose, ensure that your builder is registered, has public liability insurance and is eligible for domestic building insurance. Some builders have been known to go out of business halfway through a home build which leaves the buyer in a horrible financial position.

So how do you check that your builder is trustworthy? Check online reviews for honest feedback. You can also check whether the builder has engaged in misconduct through the Victorian Building Authority’s Disciplinary Register.

As for the actual deposit, for new home builds over $20,000, the deposit amount is typically 5% of the contract value. The full amount will be due on completion of the home. If progress payments are required, this will be outlined in your build contract (see below). Progress payments are generally required at the following payment stages: Deposit, base, frame, lockup, fix and final handover. Financial arrangements should be made through your bank or broker. Beware of any builder who asks for private payments.

STEP 3: Personalise Your Home

This is the fun part of the building process, where you get to choose all of those signature touches that bring personal style to your space. At Enso Homes, we’ll send you to our Selection Studio in Melbourne where our advisors will show you the available options. This is where you will work with a qualified interior designer and enjoy choosing from a range of inclusions packages that aligns with your tastes and budget.

This is an extensive part of the building process, but will ensure your home looks and feels the way you want it to. During your visit, you’ll choose colour and style options including:

  • External render colours
  • Garage door colour
  • Window frame colours
  • Entry door and internal door styles
  • Flooring such tiling, laminate and/or carpet
  • Cabinetry, benchtops and hardware
  • Kitchen splashback
  • Tapware & basins
  • Bath, toilet, shower and showerscreens
  • Wall finishes and paint colours
  • Internal trimmings

STEP 4: The Final Documentation

This is the official part. Once you’ve gone through the personalisation process and decided on your final fittings, finishes and fixtures, you’ll be presented with your official plan drawings along with any custom requirements. If this is all correct, we’ll draw up your Enso Homes build contract. This a legal document that includes details such as terms, detailed descriptions of the work being carried out, the names and addresses of all parties, builder’s registration number, contract price, the amount of deposit, progress payments required, the effective contract date, cooling-off period, insurance and public liability details. Once this is signed, we will draw up the final build plans ready to apply for building permit application. When this is approved, we are ready to start building your dream home!

STEP 5: The Build

This is the exciting part. Soil is turned, materials arrive and the builders attend the site to start turning your home into a reality. We don’t provide certain timeframes as everything is variable, but the contract stipulates the allowance for the building duration timeframe. If for any reason there is an issue on your build, we will keep you in the loop. We’ll also be in regular contact with build updates and progress reports. Given your level of investment, it is important that you know what is happening during your home build. We welcome site visits so you can see the progress for yourself, just check in with your project manager if you are planning on checking it out.

It’s particularly vital that your build is checked for faults at every step. Serious faults and defects that are detected after the build can be costly to correct. Enso Homes invest in an independent quality assurance company to carry out pre-pour, frame & pre-plaster inspections & re-inspections as part of your home building package. This also saves you from having to hire your own building inspector.


This is the best part. Once your dream home build is complete, you can start moving in! This is when your final payment will be due. Your bank or broker will assist you in finalising the financial side of your build. After that, all you have to worry about is decorating, setting up and settling into your custom, personalised dream home.

Ready to design your home and go through the building process with Enso?

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At Enso Homes, we pride ourselves on delivering consistent quality on all of our builds. We achieve a high-level quality of construction on our projects through a combination of internal processes, aligning with a quality building surveyor, and the assistance of an independent quality assurance inspector.

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