Design Elements To Include In Your Custom Build For Mid-Century Modern Style

Design elements are the basic foundations for any visual design. Design elements include shape, colour, space, form and texture. They’re important to consider in custom home builds, especially when your aim is to produce a home of a distinct style, such as mid-century modern. When the time comes for you to design a custom home, mid-century modern is a popular design choice. The simplicity, functionality for families and style of these homes are timeless. But how do you achieve mid-century modern from scratch? Here are all the design elements to include.

The simplicity, functionality for families and style of mid-century modern homes makes the design a popular choice for custom builds. The concept of an open plan rejects the idea of dividing walls in favour of open space for freedom and connection. Mid-century modern is a timeless design that’s adaptable to the fast evolution of the modern world.

Building materials to use in a custom mid-century home

To achieve a mid-century modern home, you should use combinations of materials and textures on your exterior and interior. Mixing vintage styles with modern will make your home stand out and help you achieve the mid-century look and feel. Different patterns on materials will also help add texture.

Embracing natural materials is essential in capturing the essence of mid-century modern style. Opting for materials like rich hardwoods, such as teak or walnut, brings warmth and sophistication to the interior spaces. Incorporating stone accents, such as slate or travertine, adds texture and a touch of luxury. Glass is another crucial material, allowing for expansive windows and open spaces that invite abundant natural light and seamless integration with the outdoors. Striking a balance between these materials creates a harmonious blend of organic and modern elements, setting the foundation for a custom mid-century home that exudes both style and substance.

Enso Homes mid-century modern home Selkrig Facade.
Selkrig Facade – a mixture of stone and wood materials

Mid-century home floorplans

Floorplan designs play a crucial role in capturing the essence of mid-century style homes. Openness and functionality are key principles that guide these designs. A central focus is on creating seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, often achieved through the use of large windows, sliding glass doors, and atriums. The floorplans typically emphasize an open layout, with minimal partitions and walls, promoting a sense of spaciousness and connectivity.

Mid-century homes often feature a central living area that flows into dining spaces and kitchen areas, facilitating a social and communal atmosphere. Additionally, private areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms are strategically positioned to provide a sense of privacy while maintaining the overall fluidity of the design.

These thoughtfully designed floorplans in mid-century style homes allow for comfortable living and entertaining while embracing the era’s commitment to simplicity, functionality, and harmonious living.

Mid-century modern home floorplan
Fairfield-23 Floorplan – open family, living and dining room

Mid-century home fit-out, fixtures and finishes

A considerable amount of thought should go into the function of everything in your mid-century modern home—from the kitchen features to bathroom finishes. All elements have a purpose in mid-century modern designs. Focus on clean, sleek lines that create a stylish, sophisticated place to call home. Think about open shelving, organised surfaces, and smooth finishes.

To achieve mid-century modern think about the use of colour on feature walls and upholstery. The mid-century modern style has amazing colour schemes to explore: ochre, orange, brown and mustard yellows contrasted against vibrant pops of colour. Pairing vibrant colours with organic and earthy hues creates a retro-tinged, fresh, monochromatic look.

Lighting fixtures play a significant role in mid-century design, with iconic pendant lights and Sputnik chandeliers adding a touch of retro elegance. Mid-century homes often feature statement fixtures such as teak or brass ceiling lights, complementing the warm tones and natural materials used throughout the space. Mid-century homes often incorporate simple and streamlined options, such as angular cabinet hardware, minimalistic door handles, and sleek faucets with clean silhouettes.

How to select colours, fixtures and finishes

Choosing your colours, fixtures and finishes is an exciting stage of designing and building your custom home. However, making these selections can be overwhelming. Especially when you’re working from a blank canvas! At Enso Homes, we have a structured selection process with our Interior Design partner, Gallerie. We ensure that you have a great experience, love your selections and are able to nail mid-century modern or any look and feel that you’re after in your home.

Flowchart demonstrating how to select colours, fixtures and finishes.
Choosing your colours, fixtures and finishes with Enso Homes

Building custom mid-century homes

In a custom build, there’s the opportunity to achieve a mid-century modern home that’s stylish, unique and functional. At Enso Homes, we’ll help you to select your design elements, taking into consideration space, colour and texture so you achieve your vision. Explore our custom homes or contact us to learn more about custom home builds and what you can achieve with Enso Homes.

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