Rightsizing Your New Home

Rightsizing is about living smarter. Smaller doesn’t always mean having less and bigger doesn’t always mean having more. Thinking differently about your floor plan and how you utilise your space is how you achieve an optimal home. Rightsizing in a new home is about converting your home to meet the needs of your next stage of life. Whilst for some families designing a smaller home is logical, for others designing a bigger home now is. A recent trend shows that families are moving into bigger homes. This has been brought on by housing affordability, multigenerational living and adult children living at home for longer. 

Children Living At Home For Longer Are Influencing Home Design

The 2021 Australian Bureau of Statistics 2021 Census found that over 456,540 Australians aged between 25 and 34 live with their parents. This is almost 17 percent higher than in 2016. This trend is currently increasing and was spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic. New research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies estimates that 5% of all 20–21-year-olds began living with their parent(s) during the first national COVID-19 restriction period in March–May 2020. 

At Enso Homes we’re seeing families designing larger houses so that their teenagers and adult children can remain at home instead of moving out. These home designs demand larger bedrooms, storage and living areas so adults can be comfortably accommodated. Clients understand that it’s too expensive for children to move out in the current economic climate. 

Finder.com.au research shows the Melbourne median house price to be $805,000. Individuals can’t afford this without taking home more than $90,000 per year. The average annual income of Australians aged 21 to 34 is $58,635.20, meaning home ownership is out of reach for many young people. Paired with Melbourne’s weekly median rent rising 42 percent to $540 in the 12 months leading up to February 2023 (PropTrack figures), young people are left with a challenging situation. Staying at home is the most viable option for many young Australians. 

Double storey home with double garage
Enso Homes Double Storey Jasmine Facade

The Home Design Costs of Rightsizing for Adult Families 

To build larger bedrooms, additional bathrooms or bigger living areas to accommodate an adult family costs an additional $30,000 or more in new home builds. Clients are more than happy to spend this to adapt the lifestyle of their family to current times. Parents understand that by accommodating their adult children for longer, it gives them the opportunity to focus on study and/ or work and to save their money.

Grandparents Joining New Home Builders

It’s not only parents who are rightsizing but grandparents building bigger homes to accommodate children and grandchildren on weekends and during holiday periods. Quality family time is driving larger home builds particularly in coastal destinations. For grandparents having a larger family home means family members from interstate or abroad are able to come home for a beach holiday. Also, family celebrations are made much easier with the ability to accommodate everyone. 

Designing New Homes With Family In Mind 

To get the rightsize family home for an adult family, start the design process by considering how many people you need to accommodate. Sometimes you’re not entirely sure of this, but it’s important to consider to determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms your house plan will require. Also, the level of flexibility that you require within your space. Here are some design elements to consider in your floor plan:

Flexible Space

Flexible design can be key when you’re not set on which family members will permanently live in your home and for how long. It’s common for families to have extra guests on weekends or during holiday periods. Rooms that can be converted between bedrooms and living spaces can offer the flexibility that families require. 

Guest Suites 

Guest suites are also a good option for accommodating temporary guests as they provide a high level of privacy. Ideally, with bedrooms, you’re looking to create zones within your floor plan that family members can call their own. 


Bedroom-ensuite setups provide maximum comfort. You can consider having multiple ensuites as well as bathrooms that double as an ensuite and household bathroom. 


Building wings create privacy within a home rather than clustering bedrooms and/or living spaces. A design with wings also minimises the need for hallways, therefore optimising the floor plan.

Large Shared Space 

With bigger households shared spaces such as the main living room, kitchen and dining space should be larger. Your design needs to accommodate a large number of people at the same time.

Double story home with double garage
Enso Homes Double Storey Custom Facade

Rightsize Your New Home With Enso Homes

With adult children living at home for longer and multigenerational living, achieving the rightsize family home can be a challenge. However, by thinking through the additional design elements that you’ll need to include in your floor plan you’ll achieve the optimal design. You’ll be able to comfortably accommodate an adult family whilst enjoying your new home.

When designing for a family remember to consider everyone’s needs and preferences. This can include creating separate living spaces or providing extra storage for extra belongings. By doing so families ensure that different generations feel comfortable and that the new home design is the rightsize to see everyone through the next stage of family life. 

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